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Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

and it impact upon

Alpine Curling Club 

15 March 2020


It is with the utmost respect and concern for each and every member of the Alpine Curling Club that I am writing this letter to inform you that after careful deliberation and in consultation with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services the Alpine Curling Club Board has agreed to comply with the recommendation to postpone all curling activities effective immediately. Playdowns will be postponed until fall 2020 and leagues are now concluded. 


As we are all aware, these are unprecedented measures heretofore never executed on national basis. It is already too late to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and prediction models estimate that 40 to 70% of the population will acquire the virus. The approach now is therefore to mitigate the impact and in so doing, hopefully the mortality rate will be decreased. Death rates from COVID-19 in Italy are currently at approximately 1% and the trajectory for the United States at this time is quite similar. This means that the death rate in the United States could be upwards of 1.6 million people. Following the current recommendations of social distancing can lower the death rate to 0.5% or lower. Even stricter measures of quarantine and social isolation would result in a lower death rate. These measures work because they spread the number of cases out over time which allows resources to become available to prevent death. The next several weeks will be very stressful and elucidating as we all learn to adjust to a different way of living. Our resolve and commitment as individuals, as a community and as a nation will dictate the degree to which the health impact can be affected.


It is easy to try to minimize the impact of this on curling at the club level. After all, this is not a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars like college athletics across the nation will experience with all athletic events canceled until next fall. We are not paid athletes and the club is not losing a television contract. However, we are a club with members whom we care about and in many instances think of as family. There are members of our club who will in fact suffer greatly for these restrictions. I am writing shortly after the state of Illinois mandated the closure of all bars and restaurants. If this happens in Wisconsin, there will be members of our club whose businesses will suffer tremendously. Please be aware that as much as each of us may suffer in our own way, there are others among us who will suffer as much if not more. 


The curling club board is also looking at the banquet and the very strong likelihood that an April banquet will not be possible. The board will continue to meet in the coming days and weeks to determine banquet dates and a fall date to complete the Men’s and the Mixed Playdowns.


Thank you all for your patience, understanding and support in this very challenging time.

Alpine Curling Club is located in southern Wisconsin 50 miles south of Madison on the Wisconsin , Illinois border. In the rolling hills of Green County, lies Monroe, a town of 10,000 people with a Swiss heritage and is known as, The Swiss Cheese Capital of The USA !


From November through March, Curling can be seen at our Club nearly every day of the week.  
You don't have to be athletic to curl, just be willing to give it a try and have a good time!  

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